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Post by Poptart Doge on Tue Aug 25, 2015 11:40 am

Oh, hey there you cheeky scrub.

I'm Poptart Doge, I run the place. You'd think that a place like this wouldn't have any rules, well... enjoy.

1. No spam!
This one was kind of obvious, but just to clarify; we don't want anybody spamming just to gain sick memes and whatnot.

2. No double posts!
Quite similar to spam, actually. Wait for someone to reply to your post before posting again.

3. Don't just post dank memes!
You can talk about other things aswell. This is a forum, not just some place to crappost.
Just remember though, you can still crappost. Its one of our purposes!

4. Be as dank as physically possible.
If you do all the 4 things above, we welcome you to the community.

You know, we do have consequences for people who don't follow these.
I'll see you guys around, and thanks for reading the rules.
Poptart Doge

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